Get Smart. Get Revenue.

AdMetv™, powered by its proprietary P.A.N.D.A™ technology enables currently passive digital screens (not generating $) of any type, at a variety of advertiser-attractive locations to “plug in” to the ever-growing programmatic digital ad space.


AdMetv™ generates revenue and data from your currently passive and under-utilized assets: your TV screens.

AdMetv™  powered by our proprietary, patent-pending P.A.N.D.A™ technology ensures that every AdMetv™ device deployed transforms a venue’s screens into active components of a coordinated, expansive and intelligent communication and data gathering network.

While AdMetv™ gathers data, it also (uniquely in the marketplace) allows for a venue’s screens to “plug into” the ever-growing programmatic digital ad space.

It is so easy to do: It’s as simple as plugging into a cable box- just attach your screens to our P.A.N.D.A™ Box, and you’re off to a whole new way of generating revenue.

Advertisers can now reach key consumers at high-traffic locations such as sports bars, restaurants, hospitals, gyms and hotels.

Advertisers can now reach key consumers at high-traffic locations such as sports bars, restaurants, hospitals, gyms and hotels.

The In-Venue Messaging ADMETV™ era.

AdMetv™ delivers messaging that is contextually relevant: Advertising informed by our PANDA ™ devices’ understanding of place, time, environment, type of consumer, dwell time, mobile device use and more .

AdMetv™ is a true programmatic offering, which directly taps into the existing digital ad sales marketplaces.

AdMetv™ utilizes Ai technology, a proprietary and advanced content management platform, meta data understanding of content, in-device geo-data gathering

AdMetv™ offers unprecedented (in the out of home space) reporting to direct-network and programmatic platform advertisers.

Robust, proven hardware.

Proprietary P.A.N.D.A™ technology (Programmable Ad Network Delivery Appliance).

Designed for quick, easy installation, which in turn delivers the ability to grow the network at unprecedented speed.

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AdMetv™ provides invaluable visitor data.

Our Location-based, Data Gathering Capabilities Provides a Wide Suite of Consumer Gathered Data. Allowing for the advertising to be extremely targeted, and for you to better informed about your customers.

Data Gathering Packages, and Instantaneous Understanding of who’s in proximity to the AdMetv™ screens allows for convergence with online digital messaging, providing networks, and advertisers the ability to tailor their message to not just the mobile devices our P.A.N.D.A™ devices detect around the venue screens but to the AdMetv™ screens themselves.